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Links to Microsoft Ajax

Jun 29, 2009 at 10:17 AM


I'm using AjaxDoc and Sandcastle to create a client-side class library reference for my project. My help collection is created to be plugged into MSDN collection; so, I use index links from my help to MSDN.

All the links work fine but I have some problems with links to Microsoft Ajax. For example, I need to make a link to Sys.UI.Control class. I discovered that the page with this class description has c0bdaa52-e536-4078-a50b-4ea8438b8ed4 guid and the same "A" keyword:

<MSHelp:Keyword Index="A" Term="c0bdaa52-e536-4078-a50b-4ea8438b8ed4" />

So, to refer to this page I need to use the same keyword, like this:

<mshelp:link keywords="c0bdaa52-e536-4078-a50b-4ea8438b8ed4" tabindex="0">Sys.UI.Control</mshelp:link>

To obtain guids I've tried to apply the AddGuidFilenames.xsl Sandcastle transform to available in the Downloads section. But it makes a wrong guid (7b95bf48-b9ca-2c10-6c9c-f7708936b2a2) for T:J#Sys.UI.Control id.

It seems like Microsoft and AjaxDoc create different ids for client types. Any ideas?